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Check out Issue 2 here as it grows!

Text 18 Apr Welcome to Shroomtopia

Shroomtopia is a comic series created by Mellow artists Buddy Finethy and Dusty Griffin that features Mellow Mushroom’s cast of characters, including Mel O. Mushroom, Dude Shroomington and Wizard. The setting combines real world locales intermixed with the fabulous Mellow Island. Hold onto your seats, because Shroomtopia is a joyride through time and space.

Issue 1 is presented below. Follow this blog to stay up-to-date on upcoming issues. Stay Mellow!

Photo 1 May 4 notes Shroomtopia, the Mellow Mushroom Web Comic!

Shroomtopia, the Mellow Mushroom Web Comic!

Video 1 May 3 notes

Shroomtopia Web Comic 1-8

Video 1 May

Shroomtopia 9-14

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